At LanSource, we have made a concerted effort to go beyond just providing IT services. Instead, we build an IT relationship with our customers.

What makes us stand out is that we’re more than just an IT company that can expertly manage your systems. We’re an IT company you can trust and count on to provide reliable and professional IT and network services. With over 20 years of successfully managing customer systems, we are a proven IT service organization. But it’s much more than that…we can be a part of your company, ensuring that your IT system operates to its peak performance and reliability, day in and day out.

At LanSource, we understand IT issues and create tailored solutions. We take pride in the work we do for our customers. In many ways, it is what we are as a company. Our entire organization, from management to our trained IT experts who work on site, is built on being approachable as well as practicing excellent communication and listening skills.

We offer complete coverage for your IT system, including a program of monitoring and maintenance that addresses potential problems before they become real problems. In addition, we are always available to consult with you to develop strategies for improving your IT operation.

Given the critical nature of your network and other IT assets, a committed, experienced IT partner can be an important part of your business. We understand the responsibility of our role, and we promise to work closely with you to ensure the performance of your system…just as we have done for many other customers over these past 20+ years.

Know What to Ask an IT Provider

There can be a big difference between what other providers promise and what a dedicated IT and networking services provider can offer customers. When choosing your IT provider, here’s a list of questions you should be asking.


15 Questions to Ask IT Services Providers Before Signing Up

Our designation as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner for Networking Infrastructure, Information Worker, and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions is a key part of the capabilities and resources we bring to our clients’ IT systems and operations. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are required to meet rigorous requirements. We have met these requirements by establishing our advanced capabilities and in-depth experience in addressing real world IT issues. Our designation is confirmed on a regular basis by our providing access to completed customer reference projects that are, in turn, independently verified by Microsoft.

Through our engagement with Microsoft, we have in-depth access to a variety of exclusive resources and early product information. These resources include a priority connection to Microsoft certified systems engineers, non-disclosure evaluation of new products and technologies, as well as planning tools and events to help us (and our customers) remain on the cutting edge for all of the latest Microsoft product developments.

As part of our commitment to offer our customers the best in IT support services, we employ Microsoft Certified Professionals (MCPs). These IT professionals have demonstrated their expertise by passing a range of certification exams, which validate their mastery using Microsoft tools and technologies.


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