LanSource Offers Automated Self-Healing System for IT Networks10.11.2015 at 8:52 |

Plano, TX— LanSource now offers an automated self-healing system that is capable of detecting when any device or system is not operating correctly and, without human intervention, can make the necessary adjustments to restore the device to normal operation. There are numerous applications for this automated self-healing system that includes individual operating systems, web applications, and entire IT networks.

While overall complexity and cost in implementing and deploying an automated self-healing system for organizations of any size is still beyond the scope of most network solutions providers, LanSource now uses this powerful and effective tool to better serve its customer base.

The detection and automatic remediation of these systems and devices assist in preventing costly downtime and user interruption. According to a report by Data Center Knowledge, the average reported incident length for downtime was 86 minutes.

“LanSource believes IT systems and devices should be able to manage themselves, rather than rely on extensive support staff. Systems should be more intelligent and capable of reacting to a changing IT environment in real-time,” said LanSource President, Mike Ward.

For more information, contact Clifford Ward (Mike) at (972) 612-1690 or email