On-Demand Services

We also offer our services on an as-needed basis, with service time available for purchase in blocks of time, in advance. The hours can be used upon request during regular business hours.

When you purchase block time as an On-Demand Service customer, you will be scheduled to receive assistance within 2 hours or less for a server failure, and 4 hours or less for a failed single-user machine. In addition, you will only be charged for the time we spend onsite. No travel time will be charged.

Priority time is billed against your block of time in 6-minute increments (30 minute minimum), and phone and remote support is billed at a block rate (15 minute minimum). As part of the On-Demand program, an audited statement detailing the hours engaged and the actions/services taken is included with each renewal invoice.

For more information about how LanSource can assist you for all of your IT needs, please contact us by email, info@lansourceinc.com, or call us at 972-612-1690.

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