Free Report Reveals 7 Critical Security Measures Every Business Must Put In Place NOW With Mobile Computing

There’s no doubt about it – the Internet and mobile and cloud computing have made our lives easier and our businesses more productive, cost-effective and competitive. But make no mistake about it: the Internet is also a breeding ground for thieves and predators, not to mention an enormous distraction and liability if not used properly. It is causing people to be casual, careless and flat-out stupid about their privacy in an increasingly litigious society where heavy fines and severe reputational damage can occur with one slipup – which is why you cannot be casual or careless about introducing it to your organization. You can’t turn on the TV or read a newspaper without learning about the latest online data breach. And mobile devices are easily misplaced and stolen.

Because of all this, if you are going to allow employees to use mobile devices – particularly personal mobile devices – to access, store and use company data, then it’s critical that you download this free educational report that outlines in clear English “7 Critical Security Measures Every Business Must Put In Place NOW With Mobile Computing.” If you have given or plan to give your employees the ability to access company data and systems with mobile devices – DON’T … until you’ve read this free executive report.

In this Free Executive Report, you'll discover:

  • What specific business policy every employee in your company must agree to before they ever access company data on their mobile device.
  • The 4 minimum security requirements for every cellphone or laptop in your company.
  • 2 critical steps to ensure that your company data doesn’t end up in criminal hands.
  • How to be 100% certain that a lost cellphone results in zero lost company data.

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Now that we have LanSource as our IT partner, we have more time to spend working on our business instead of time worrying about our network’s integrity. LanSource takes care of us which gives us peace of mind. The quality and caliber of the engineers is superior to those from other firms we have used in the past.

Meet with the LanSource team and you will see why we are so productive and happy.

Julie Clark Office Manager
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LanSource has done an excellent job of keeping us paired with a single engineer who knows our system and doesn’t just send someone new each week. We like the familiarity and the ability to establish a relationship with the person whose boots are on the ground.

LanSource is attentive to our needs as a law firm and is very responsive whenever we reach out to them. Knowing that someone is there for us provides great peace of mind.

Time is money in the law profession; previously we had to have people on the payroll handle IT but now more time can be spent focusing on our clients.

Darrell W. Cook Managing Partner
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