Unlike many service providers who never want to leave their office and come onsite, or if they do agree to come onsite they charge an added fee; LanSource proudly offers on-site service as a standard part of our plan.

As a LanSource client, you receive:

  • Unlimited Onsite Hours – Get assistance from a trusted certified engineer when you need it, however long you need it. If we can’t solve your concerns remotely, we will send someone out to take care of the issue onsite, for however long is necessary.
  • PC and Server Repair – If you have more than one piece of equipment down, we can fix anything you need to have repaired.
  • Scheduled Onsite Maintenance – With scheduled onsite maintenance, we send trained technicians to your facility to review your system and make any necessary repairs and adjustments, at a time that’s convenient for you. You won’t have to worry about being available within a certain block of time any longer.
  • Hardware Installation – Getting your hardware installed and configured right the first time can save time and frustration. Our team will make sure your hardware is not only compatible with your existing system, but that it achieves optimal performance for your needs.
  • Software Installation – All software requires an initial setup and configuration. If it’s not done with your business needs and existing system in mind, it can have a less than positive impact on overall operations and efficiencies. We’ll install the software, in addition to all updates essential to smooth operation.
  • Software Upgrades - LanSource proactively monitors your software and system to ensure all upgrades are performed as needed and will not disrupt the flow of your business.
  • Mobility Support – Having access to the information you need when you need it is a major productivity enhancer. Maintaining high-level security on mobile devices and tablets requiring remote access to company files is an absolute must. We help you achieve both.
  • Lightning Quick Services – We won't waste your time with day-long service projects, we'll get it done fast.

When you need someone to effectively service the equipment at your office and you don't want them to cause disruption while doing so, LanSource's on-site network services are a great part of our program.

With our easy and affordable on-site computer repair services in Dallas, you can expect the best out of your PC network. Call us today to see how we can help you.